December 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Michelle, this is for you....Thanks for giving me a reason to blog here!

3 Joys
  • my adorable son
  • smiles and kisses from my hubby
  • a nice cup of tea or a hot mug of coffee

3 Fears
  • anything wiggly or slimy
  • not being prepared
  • port-a-potties

3 Current Obssessions or Collections
  • writing
  • at the risk of being repetitive...coats
  • OCD - obssessive Cullen disorder (ha-ha, had to throw in a Twilight reference!)

3 Surprising Facts
  • I once wanted to be an astronaut
  • Orange was my favorite color in kindergarden
  • I love baking but don't care for cooking too much