May 13, 2010

Around the House

Here's a peek at what's hiding in my closet.

May 3, 2010

A Room of One's Own

It is with a sigh of wistfulness that I observe the date on the last post of this blog...March 10, 2009. Has it really been over a year since my last entry?! Granted, much has taken precedence since my days of happily posting as well as voraciously reading other blogs. I still remember when I first discovered that new and wonderful corner of the world wide web--the blogosphere--and how easily enamored I became of it! Now, sad to say, I am unable to visit as often as I'd wish, other than to quickly and briefly catch up with certain friends who have remained faithful to the practice. (And how glad I am that they do!) There are two main reasons I have been remiss on this enjoyable outlet. First and foremost, I was convicted by the amount of time it took away from the most important thing in my family! The one to suffer most from this distraction was my young son. He would often beg for my attention as I either waved him away or promised to be done in just five more minutes. After a time, I came to my senses and realized that being a mother to my son was, and should always be, my top priority. That's not to say it's impossible to do both, but at the time I had not yet learned to balance the two. Shortly afterwards, a long-dormant desire was rekindled within me--the urge to write! Once more, I was faced with the conflict of fulfilling my duty as wife and mother versus indulging the need for my imagination to take flight whilst harnessing it in words. It was a bitter struggle, with my family bearing faint bruises as a result. In the end, I learned to accept the fact that though I may not be able to satisfy my love of writing as frequently as I'd like, I can be thankful for the precious moments when I can steal away and write to my heart's desire! And for the last year or so, I have been doing exactly that. In the dining room. On my bed. On the floor of my living room. All this to say that....(tum-ta-da-da!) I am happy to announce that I now have a writing room of my very own! Which is the real reason for this post.

a clean, well-lighted place

scope for the imagination

and a few...

important, little...