July 7, 2008

A Fabulous Fourth

one of the many quaint Carmel cottages that I admired

Just a brief report on my Fourth of July weekend. It was one of those memorable occasions that can be attributed to that perfect combination which makes any gathering a success--good food and lots of it, a lovely location with just the right ambiance, and most importantly, people with whom it is a joy to be with! Of course, that included my mother, my one and only sister and her gregarious husband, and many of my oldest and dearest friends along with their families. It was blissful to watch the children immensely enjoying themselves as they frolicked along the shore, dodging waves and building sand castles, while the adults busied themselves with their own amusements--the men bumping a volleyball or throwing a football, and the ladies unsuccessfully tossing a frisbee but still managing to have a good time! It brings to mind something that I had shared on Brin's blog:

"There are so many beautiful things about life. One of them are those brief moments in the midst of crazy, hectic fun or sublime merriment where you pause, take a deep breath, glance around meaningfully, and realize just how blessed you really are--that profound stillness filled with thankfulness directed to the God who has graciously allowed us to enjoy all things."

I certainly felt this that day! So suffice it to say that I am feeling very thankful--for friends, for family, for freedom and for fleeting moments of beauty!


Mrs. Jules said...

Beautiful words, Jean and an adorable cottage. We were very close by. The girls also made sandcastles while the adults prepared BBQ and got our feet wet, it was chilly! Love, love, love being down in the peninsula.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely post! Sounds like the perfect day indeed.