April 21, 2008

Our Romantic Rendezvous

The first order of business was a bath and massage at Lavender Hill Spa.

the bath house

garden statuary

pretty pot and blue flowers

Per a friend's recommendation, we visited Woodhouse Chocolate. Talk about eye candy! There were edible tea cups, thrones, snails and topiaries, to name a few!

decisions, decisions

impressive display

our goody bag

and voila!

Next we visited this winery. Why this winery, you ask? Well, I saw a picture of a double heart sculpture that was located at this particular winery and I told hubby we had to visit because it was obviously symbolic of the loving union we were celebrating.

"Poetry" wine
incidentally they also have a place called
Poetry Inn (now that's a place to stay at!)

yes, those are the hearts I mentioned

a close up

Monet-type arches

lovely lavender

leaving it all behind


Anonymous said...

Goodness! I thought you guys just got away for an overnight... You packed a lot of great sights in!

M. said...

Wow,it's beautiful just to look at those pictures that you took. Well done, I'm sure people will enjoy browsing through.Thank you for sharing. Good job!