April 8, 2008


Today our church's Mom's Club had its annual ATIC. The acronym stands for "All Things In Common" based on the principle in Acts 2:44. This is how it works, everyone brings whatever they want to get rid of that is still in good, working condition and leaves it for others to take. Simple enough, huh? So last night, my husband and I purged our closets! I got to get rid of clothes we no longer use and I, in turn, got some pretty cool new books and toys for my son and the bowls below. They were in mint condition--not a crack or scratch on the entire set! Coincidentally, my husband was just saying that we needed more bowls. (In our household, we go through bowls much faster than we do plates).


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh those celedon bowls are gorgeous - what a lovely find - and photo!

Mrs. Jules said...

Love these, especially the color...what a deal. I'm a sucker for anything with "beaded" trim!

Pigtown-Design said...

They are gorgeous! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to keep them.