May 12, 2008

"Cool" Video

What's so cool about this video? Well, how about. . . .

this "cool" lakeside mansion

and this "cool" period sofa

as well as this "cool" outfit worn in this "cool" retro bedroom
all at this beautifully "cool" location!
(Looks like the Italian Lakes region to me.)

Then there's Gwen with her fabulous hairdos.

Channeling Marilyn Monroe
Anyway, this is a completely frivolous post, though it was something I wanted to do a while back. I never was successful in finding photo stills from this video and had to take the time to pause/copy/save these stills myself off of youtube, hence the poor resolution of the images. I'm not a huge Gwen Stefani fan (Well, I do like her a little. Okay, maybe a little more than a little!) but I do enjoy some of her less outlandish, retro styles, and I really like the style and scenery in this particular video. My husband and I have been talking about visiting the Italian Lakes for our ten year anniversary next year and this video inspires!


CIELO said...

Well, yeah, everything looks cool! :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day....

Blessings for our Father above


Mrs. Jules said...

Love Gwen's hair in the second to last picture. I just saw the film, "Come September", this weekend with Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida that takes place in Italy. Very cute! I'm going to check out this video now.


Don't forget Gwen's VERY cool LEGS!

pinkstilettos said...

Love Gwen Stefani- Her work is amazing!

Fifi Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing video... beautiful scenery... pretty boy... who is he? Love her platnium Monroe hairstyle.

Len said...

I just love this video...makes me want to go back Como! Next time you'll have to come with us!

Meander said...

Oh darling, it is so perfect that I found this blog today! I had this particular video in mind earlier today while writing today's post as I was making a list of things I love and Gwenny Gwen Gwen is definately one of those things, mostly because of this video. I think it is an exceptional example of her incredible taste and impeccable style. Love your blog and I look foward to reading it!
Also, I'm putting a link on mine.
Take care!