May 23, 2008

Divine Dining - IV

Laguna Resort & Spa
Nusa Dua, Bali

It is twilight as the balmy breeze gently ruffles your hair and you listen to some rhythmic melody that plays afar off in the distance. You are walking, lingering, in a tropical garden of delights where the scent of exotic flowers greet you. It is intoxicating. Soon the music fades as another sound dominates your ears, the powerful pounding of the ocean waves. It grows louder as you turn a curve in the path where a spectacular scene suddenly awaits you! It is a canopied gazebo of white muslin, illuminated by a myriad of twinkling candlelight and torches and lanterns. It is aglow with an unsurpassed beauty, and like a moth to a flame you are drawn to it. It is simply breathtaking! The most amazing part is that it was all set up for you, so in disbelief you carefully make your way to the table where you pull out a chair and take a seat. It's time to dine like a Balinese princess.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Bali's a regular place to visit for Hong Kongers - tho Ive never stayed at this resort it looks magnificent - as does your description!

Marina said...

oh my god, this image is astoning!
Love it!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Exquisite blog! Thanks for sharing! We've added you to our list.

All Things Blue said...

Oh my! For a moment there I was on Bali being a princess and all. Next thing you know your neighbour starts his lawn mover - and away went the vision. But I'll be back for more!
Have a great day!

Something White said...

You always show very nice, luxury, exotic and beautiful places!! I wish I would win a lot of money to visit all those gorgeous places and experience it 'live'! :D
Have a good weekend, love, Marjolijn

franki durbin said...

sublime. bali is high on my list of trips!

CIELO said...

Hi there... It's party time again!
come to the house in the roses and show your garden there... come see, we're having a "Show Me Your Garden Party"!!

Hope you can participate