May 21, 2008

Fantasy & Whimsy

In just a few, short days I'll be off to a wonderful Magical Kingdom! I'm sure you know what place I'm speaking of, even if I hadn't hypertexted it for you. It's a place of dreams, a million of them in fact, where reality temporarily takes a backseat to fun and fantasy. Well, that got me to thinking. (A dangerous pastime, I know). What a perfect excuse to share some of my favorite fantastical and whimsical costumes of all time. Here they are in no particular order....

Elegantly-clad elves

Pretty pirate

Fairest of the fairy queens

Classy courtesan?

Absolutely stunning angels


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I loved Nicole's costumes in Moulin Rouge! :-) that necklace was amazing!

Michelle said...

These pictures are all enchanting. Have a fun this holiday weekend. I'll look forward to seeing pictures from the magical kingdom.

Mrs. Jules said...

Have a wonderful time with the family, Jean! I'm sure your little one can't wait to get to this playground. We're staying put, but will enjoy the extra day off for sure.

Thanks for sharing these photos, too. Love the ones of Michelle Pfeiffer. Striking.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post, typical of the pretty little things one can find on your blog, Jean. : )