May 2, 2008

New Discovery

I stumbled upon this website and was immediately smitten! The subtitle says it all.


A-M said...

OMG Jean. Thankyou for appreciating my website! Your blog is beautiful, inspirational, divine. I love it. Keep in touch! Best Wishes, A-M from Australia

Anonymous said...

Jean, seriously, why did you show me this site?!?!?! LOL. I will go broke there! They have Lulu cosmetic cases, which I love because they are stylish and uber easy to keep clean. Yes, this store is very YOU.

Happy weekend!

Mrs. Jules said...

I can see why...thank you so much for getting the word out. This is one gorgeous site!

Jean said...

a-m, I will definitely be k.i.t. I'm so thrilled to be able to share such a fantastic find!

mara, sharing is fun! The site is just as much "you" as it is "me", I think.

mrs. jules, glad to share the wealth.