May 16, 2008

Divine Dining - III

Happy Weekend!!

Hotel Villa Abbazia
Follina (Veneto), Italy

As I gaze upon this photo I imagine myself sitting serenely at one of these intimate tables, breathing deeply of the summer evening air that is sweetly perfumed by the encircling garden of flowers and aromatic herbs. I am as relaxed and carefree as only one can be when thousands of miles away from home and the cares and responsibilities it entails, and have found myself in a place that is foreign, unfamiliar yet captivating. I revel in the beauty of the moment--the sights, the sounds, the smells--savoring them slowly, holding on as long as I can, before the moment is gone and has passed into the realm of memory. . . .

* I thought a little (made up) story to go along with the photo might make it a bit more interesting! Pardon the melodrama. I may have taken one too many creative writing courses!


A-M said...

Oh I am all for the melodrama! One has to dream and imagine. What an exquisite setting. I can even smell the flowers too! I think you should stay a bit longer and revel in the moment! A-M xx

Michelle said...

Beautifully written Jean! Your writing took me there...oh but for just a moment. Reality sat in and I must return to work. Thanks for the refreshing break.