February 14, 2008

Isn't It Romantic?

This is a photo of my sister and her husband during our visit to Cinque Terre. Note how their silhouettes form a noticeable heart. Such symmetry!


Anonymous said...

Okay, Jean. I think we were separated at birth or something. When did you go to Cinque Terra? I was there in 1994-95ish. It was absolutely beautiful. I think that's why I love "Under the Tuscan Sun" so much. LOL.

Jean said...

Wow, we were there in late March 2004, to be exact. Did you get to check out the Blue Marlin in Vernazza? (Mentioned by Rick Steves). The owner was great--a real crack-up!

Vince Teodoro said...

Heyyy it's me & the wifey!

so badly want to go back.

would like to stay a night next time and visit the other towns...

which should be only 20 min away