February 13, 2008

Movie Magic

Mara's post today on the ::the simpler things:: got me thinking about movie homes I had fallen in love with. One of them was the cute L.A. cottage in the movie "Bewitched." Though the movie itself was forgettable, that perfect little cottage lingered long in my mind. Unfortunately, I could not find a single picture of the exterior of that house, nor a decent one of the interior! There were a few production stills, but nothing that truly conveyed how utterly charming and classy it was. Then I thought about that other house from "Serendipity", the one Kate Beckinsale's character goes home to after taking the ferry from San Francisco. But that was a dead end, too, as far as finding photos are concerned. So I thought of two others, which unlike the first two are somewhat large and imposing, rather than homey and cozy (which I personally prefer)--the Victorian house from "Practical Magic" and the white clapboard house from "Evening." (I just noticed that both happen to be painted white and located seaside. Hmmm, interesting). Anyway, I was fortunate enough to track down photos for these two, although I only have a distant exterior shot of the "Evening" house. No matter, I was more enamored of the setting of that house rather than it's interior anyway.

Practical Magic house

is "magical" at dusk

large kitchen--on my wish list for next house,
should we ever get one,
also, I love the contrast of creamy white with dark wood

the conservatory
love the feel of antiquity

the garden
serenity itself

"Evening" house
somewhat lonely and aloof,
very Wuthering Heights

I have to add that it's great that Nancy Meyer's has raised the bar for set decor/design in so many of her movies. It's just makes it all the more watchable.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! And yes, Nancy Meyer's films have put set decor on the map, in my opinion. I haven't seen "Practical Magic", but again, I have heard about this set before.

len said...

Hey, I think you forgot one! What about that cute cottage in the Bewitched movie? I'd like to see that again.