February 20, 2008

On My Wish List

Seeing as my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd share just a few items I would love to have. . .

I already have the Italy one.

I love, love, love cottage gardens!
Too bad I'm no green thumb,
but that doesn't stop me from
dreaming of one.

Last but certainly not least!


Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, I think that's the cutest puppy I've ever seen! Hubby wants a dog, but we are the type that is never home, so it wouldn't be fair to the doggie if we did get one. ::sadness::

Jean said...

Yes, I would love to have this pretty little French bulldog, but the hubby is not fond of indoor pets...I'm hoping he'll cave in one of these days.

Michelle said...

Dear Jean:
Patrick and I are watching the lunar eclipse right now and I became too excited to wait until EST/PST to greet you on your birthday. In light of the eclipse, and in Greenwich Mean Time, it is officially February 21st! I wanted to give you a few surprises today. First, this note: I'm so thrilled to finally make a comment on your beautiful blog! I want you to know that although my days have not permitted me to write or call you, I have faithfully visited and admired 'A Place of Beauty'. It has served as my daily source of fresh air from the office. Thank you for that; and thank you for renewing my adoration for romance and all things lovely. I will always remain your kindred spirited friend and loyal admirer. Secondly, please see your e-mail for a special poem I thought of for your 'wish', you may or may not have already thought of it too. Lastly, I hope you will enjoy the little gift of your favorite magazine, Victoria. May these things continue to inspire you. Joyeux Anniversaire! Wishing you much love and happiness from Patrick and I.


len said...

"but the hubby is not fond of indoor pets..."

EXCEPT for Mimi, right!? =P

Jean said...

Yes,of course, Mimi is the exception!