February 20, 2008

Mustard Festival

After mentioning Montreal's Light Festival, I thought it would be amiss not to mention one of our more local events. The Mustard Festival of Napa Valley, which kicked off on February 2, is currently running until March 29.


M. said...

Dear Jean, thank you very much for your visit and for your kind words. I immediately added your link to my list as I discovered that it is about Beauty! I like to meet people from all over the world through blogging. And did I understand well that it is your birthday today? Well, then I wish you lots of good things, sunshine and happiness for this new year of your life! I hope you've a nice day with your lovely family.
With love and sunny greetings from Belgium, Marjolijn

Ps. I'll be back here.

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Jean!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
That was good, because now I cold find yours...and I must say that your blog is BEAUTIFUL!
The photos magnificent...so I´ll definately be coming back here.. :)
Take care,
Ps Yes I´m gonna use old bricks as floor in my new greenhouse..my next project :)